Ribbing increase in sleaves

I am making a pattern and the sleaves have ribbing quite a ways up the arm. the pattern says…

CO 26 stitches, K2, P2 ribbing…

Increase 1 stitch at each end of 7th row and every following 10th row until there are 30 stitches taking increases into rib.

Does that mean… that after 7 rows I will do K3 P2… P2, K3 and then after the following 10th row when I increase once more… I will make the K3 into a P2, K2? or will it be a K4, P2, K2… P2, K4…

I’m nearly to row 7… hehe…so any help would be apprecaited!!!



When I increase in ribbing, I try to make the edges match what would come next. So if the present pattern starts with kk, I’d p1,k1 into the first stitch so I’d end up with pkk at the beginning of the row, and if it ends with kk, I’d k1, p1 in the last stitch to have it end with kkp. Work those stitches as they appear until the next increase and then increase in whatever stitch comes next.

So you’d have

. . . . . . . . kkppkkppkkppkk
. . . . . . …pkkppkkppkkppkkp
. . . . . . .ppkkppkkppkkppkkpp




Thank you Ingrid!!! :notworthy: :notworthy:

makes perfect sense.