Ribbing & Felting?

How does a ribbed piece felt? I am trying to ‘design’ a felted purse and would like to stay away from plain stockinette but not sure if ribbing would still stand out when felted. Anyone done it?

Check this out-


it won’t matter what kind of stitch… it all looks the same to me. the texture will be different… i wouldn’t want to go through the extra work to get the same result as stockingnette??? i know when i did it i was pretty mad that it looked the same as stockingnette!!! :wink: thank goodness it was just a swatch!

I can just barely tell where the ribbing is after felting. I like ribbing, so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me. But if you don’t like ribbing, I don’t see the point! I wonder if there is some way you can just scrunch the top of the purse up while it’s in the wash to acheive the same rippled effect at the top of the bag…(no expert on felting).

I lookd at that pattern but the ribbing didin’t look that prominent to me. It seems like a lot of work to end up with something that looks basically the same. If you are doing it in the round, you could turn it inside out for reverse stockinette or change it up by needle felting afterwards or adding a flower pin maybe?

Yeaaahhh needle felting. That makes sense.

I wonder if the ribbed part would turn out a smidge thicker because of the way it pulls together?

I don’t know…before all that work, sounds like a swatch would be a good idea :thumbsup: Let us know!

Weeeeell, last month I felted a pair of gloves that had 1x1 ribbing on the wrist. Texture-wise it feels exactly the same as the stockinette part, and it’s not at all stretchy like unfelted ribbing. The ribbing did make one difference, however; I used Knit Picks’ Sock Garden (multicolored sock yarn) and the color patterns came out different in the ribbing and stockinette – thin stripes in the stockinette, larger zigzags and more color pooling in the ribbing.

I don’t know if any of this info is useful or not. :slight_smile: