Ribbing attachmet

I recently got a Singer 700 knitting machine and it came with a Singer SRP 60N ribber. I set up the knitting machine and tried it out and it worked great and then today i tried to add the ribber. I followed the instructions very carefully and everything seemed to fit and work as it should. The carriages slide over the needle beds. The problem is when I try to set up to cast on I moved the needles on the ribber and the knitter (every other needle alternating) to D position. When i pass the carriages the ribber needles get hooked onto the knitter carriage and the two carriages jam. To troubleshoot, i tried running the knitter and ribber carriages separately over the needles in D position and it went very smoothly. I also took the ribber off the table and set it up again just to make sure i did everything correctly and i also went over each setting in the instruction manual to make sure they were where they were supposed to be. It is probably a very simple thing i overlooked. I am very new to this. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. I just want to start knitting!!

Generally speaking, people here knit with needles by hand. There may be someone who will be able to help you though. Have you contacted the manufacturer? They might be able to help.

Are you using the comb with weights? You must have the comb on with the weights before you take the carriage across with the ribber otherwise it will jam. There won’t be anything to hold the stitches on. The machine should have come with two lengths of combs and two different size weights.

If you’re using the comb with weights, I’d recommend adding more weights. Ribbers take more weight than you’d think to work properly.

That said, machine knitting is a such a niche hobby. And there is only one manufacturer currently in business, Silver Reed. That makes getting info harder by the day, as Brother, Singer, KnitKing and the others no longer make machines. But mercifully there is a lot of info available on the net.

Check out some of the sites listed on this page:http://marciahauser.tripod.com/page4.html. Northtipton is good, and I highly recommend Ilene Levy’s site too.

One that isn’t listed on that page is Country Knitting of Maine’s Yahoo Group. I highly recommend them as a resource. Linda is highly knowledgeable as are her list members. And they’re quite friendly too! Here’s the link to her Yahoo group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/countryknittingofmaine/. Join up , and ask questions as needed. There are other Yahoo Groups dedicated to machine knitting too.

As GG said, this forum is primarily hand knitters - about the only thing hand and machine knitting have in common is yarn - but one of the Yahoo Machine Knitting Groups can help you out.

Good luck!