Ribbed hat with earflaps for kids?

I have been searching for a hat like this for what seems like years. Imagine a 2x2 ribbed hat with earflaps coming out for just inside the folded part up against the head, I hope I explained that right. I think that the earflaps would need to be attached somehow after the hat is made but I don’t know how that could be done. Right now I am going to knit them a ribbed hat and maybe mess with if afterwords…


There are so many pattern sites including;
www.ravelry.com 5,000+

just search on the net for more

So to simplify in my head… you want a regular folded, ribbed brim hat with ear flaps? Most of the ear flap hats I’ve seen don’t have the fold. :think:

ETA: I did find one! Gotta love Ravelry!

Thank you Jan and Heather! Jan, I am interested in the hat you posted about BUT I forgot my password to Lion Brand (stupid free website that you need a password for!:wall:) and I can have them email it to me but my email only receives email when it feels like it. So I contacted HP and they can fix it for $60!:wall: Or I can call Microsoft and have them tell me the same thing, I am going to try Verizon but I think I will hear the same thing there too! Stupid email!!!

Ok, I think I am better now…:oo:

This one is on Ravelry and it looks like they just picked up sts to make the earflaps: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/alpaca-meets-the-alps

I PM’d you.

Jan, that is exactly what I was thinking about! With the instructions there, I am going to add the earflaps to a hat I love. I would knit that one but I don’t have any bulky yarn (I think it is one of the few weights I don’t have!) and I did buy some MF 1824 already with hat making in mind.

Thank you all for the suggestions!:hug:

:thumbsup: I’m glad that worked! Can’t wait to see it!