Ribbed hat question...must be done on circulars?

I want to knit the Hot Head hat from the Stitch & Bitch Nation for my boy. It says I need US 10 1/2 needles, but it doesn’t say anything about circulars. My question: Can I knit this hat on straights? If so, is there anything special I need to do?

I’ve never made a hat before mainly because circulars and DPNs terrify the heck outta me. So when I ran across this pattern for a hat and it didn’t mention circs, I got really excited.

Thanks for your help!


If it tells you to join after casting on then it’s done on circs. I’m surprised it doesn’t say anything, but if doesn’t specify circs then it probably is done on straight needles. It should also mention seaming at the end of the pattern for straight needles.

I looked again and it does mention seaming at the end. Already frightened of that! Eeeeeek.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Ahhh, so what scares you the most? Seaming or Circulars/dpn. For me I hate seaming–so I would intentionally knit the hat on circs and dpn needles. I love knitting–there are no wrong answers or wrong ways–what ever works for you. Too bad math and English classes weren’t as accommodating!


Well, at the moment, I am completely ignorant of how to seam so therefore I don’t know how bad it is. However, circs and DPNs LOOK hard. I am way more terrified of them at the moment. I’ll let you know about seaming when I come to it. :smiley:

Circulars are easier that knitting on straights–just knit, knit, knit, no turning the needles. You’ll kick yourself for being afraid of them. And the absolute perfect place to learn to knit with dpns is at the top of a hat when you start to run out of stitches with the decreases. The stitches are established, and the needles are secure and make you feel like a genious!!

Ditto to what Ingrid said! Personally, I’d much rather use circs or DPN’s than straights, even on things worked flat. They’re much easier to handle, IMHO. The first round will be a bit tricky, but after that, it’s smooth sailing. (And I HATE seaming. A lot.)

I made my first hat on straight needles…it was the first thing I ever had to do any shaping on so I didn’t want to deal with circs for the first time on that hat. It came out well, although my seaming looks a little crooked. But, it’s warm and it hasn’t come apart yet, so I say it’s a success! :rofl:

If you use straights, make sure you use the longer ones so all of the stitches for the hat fit on the needles.