Ribbed band sewn in place on a cardigan sweater

This cardigan sweater has a ribbed band sewn in place. I work in pattern for 49 stitches, plus 8 ribbed stitches (which will form the band) for 15 rows.
The 8 ribbed stitches are placed on a holder and I continue to work the pattern until the both fronts are completed & joined to the back.
Then "…cast on 1 st and rib the 8 sts from holder & continue in rib (9 sts) to the center back, SEWING IN PLACE AS YOU GO ALONG…"
My questions are: [B]what type of stitch do i use to sew the band?? [/B]
[B]Can I sew the entire band without stopping at center back, thereby avoiding a seam in this area??[/B]

I’d use mattress stitch to sew it on. The pattern says to make the two bands the same way, starting at the bottom and working to the middle of the back neck, right? That would be the reason you have to seam it. I don’t know if it would look very different if on one side you didn’t make it that way but instead made the button band longer and sewed it all the way around, clear to the bottom on the one side. This is a decision you need to make right at the beginning because it would change the way you do it as you start. If it doesn’t look good with the change you’d need to start all over. :lol: Maybe better to do it the way they suggest.

Thank you Merigold. I completely understand your advice and agree to stick with the pattern.