Rib warmer elizabeth z pattern

hi all, my questions is, how do you determine how much yardage for the rib warmer pattern, I do not see this info in the pattern, thank you for any information…sue

None of her patterns seem to have that info. I did a search in Ravelry and got a few hits. I would definitely err on the side of too much yarn. You can always make a hat or something with any leftovers.

“About 400-450 yards for the Original Ribwarmer, done at 4 spi for a 36” bust."

“I got the Spun-Out issue “Ribwarmer Revisited” and it says it requires 4 skeins of Sheepswool, which is Bartlett yarn, which are approx 200 yards each. 800 yards. ? So although I haven’t knitted this, methinks it may take more than 400 yards.”

“Mine took about 450 yards of worsted/aran weight yarn.”

I have the rib warmer DVD and pattern. I ordered the kit from School House Press. It said 4 wheels of unspun icelandic and 1 wheel for the contast color. I have lots of left overs after making it, so that was a generous estimate. More info may be available at SHP http://www.schoolhousepress.com/

I have also heard this if you call SHP with a question like this they will try to help you out and are very nice.