Rib stictch with decrease

Hi there,

I am following a pattern for a baby beanie. I have got to the decrease top of hat part of the pattern and I am having trouble understanding.

It reads

K2tog, rib 5 rep to to the end of the row

When ribbing 5 and then knitting 2 together I end up with 3 knit stitches next to each other.

The next instruction is - remembering to work the alternate rows as per the rib pattern

Should I be starting every other 5 rib stitches with a purl instead of a knit?

Also it is a twisted rib, I am not sure if I should be doing the K2tog through the back of the stitches.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.


What is the pattern you’re following? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?
When you start decreases to finish a hat there’s a point where the rib pattern breaks down. You could continue with the 3 knit sts next to each other and the rib pattern in between decreases. On subsequent rows there will undoubtedly be more decreases anyway.
The best way to continue is to look at the sts and work them as you see them, knit the Vs and purl the bumps. You can k2tog as usual rather than try to dec and twist this stitch at the same time.

Thank you Salmonmac for your response.

The pattern is Little loops baby beanie.

Very sweet pattern.

Would you please delete the pattern pages please? We get into copyright problems if large portions of patterns are reposted here. Just the pattern name is enough.
Enjoy finishing up!