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Hi my pattern says Rib 4, inc in next stitch 8 times, rib 3 inc in next stitch 6 times, rib 4 inc in next stitch 7 times rib 4.
I have 103 stitches on my needle and I am supposed to have 124 after I have done the above? What does this mean. Is Rib 4 knit,Purl,knit,purl and then increase with a purl stitch or a knit stitch? As I struggling to see how I get to 124 if I do that. Thanks for listening.

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You’ll be increasing in a stitch, that is using up a stitch while you make an additional one. An increase like a knit front and back (kfb) will work here. You can add up the increases, 8 + 6 + 7=21 which will take your stitch count from 103 to 124.
To start, k,p,k,p, increase in the next k, then continue p,k,p,k, increase in the next p. You’ll repeat the (rib 4 inc in the next stitch) 8 times total. Once you’ve done that more on to the next direction, (rib 3, inc in the next stitch) and repeat that 6 times total. Then move to the next direction.
Keep up the rib pattern established in previous rows even though the increases give you a break in the pattern. Just look at the stitch pattern in previous rows so that you pick up with the correct stitch. Usually the pattern stitch is about to change anyway so this won’t matter so much.

Many many thanks I will try that later. Diana

Can I ask when you kFB. Does that not create 2 stitches and then it looks like you have 2 purl stitches together if you are to keep rib pattern?

Follow the stitches you are working with the k, p rib pattern and don’t think about those you are producing. So long as you work into the stitch on the left needle correctly this will produce the correct result.
The row you are producing, on the right needle, will not be the same due to the increase stitches but your next row after this will probably be a change in stitch pattern anyway, maybe from rib to stocking stitch or from rib to lace for instance, so this one row that has the increases is the transition row and won’t ruin your rib.

Hope this helps.

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Start the project with a purl row with purl loop, purl last. Start from the first row, repeat the knitting pattern, then pull one from the left together with the yarn before piece. Repeat this pattern until the last loop and knit.

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