Rib 9, wrap and turn?

Sirdar shawl collar jacket Pattern #8745

Not clear on what Rib 9, wrap and turn mean. I guess it is to make the collar lay flat.

Here is what I have for directions for left side of shawl collar:

Start at center back pick up and knit 100 stitches.
Next Row: p2k2 = 2x2 rib.
Working in a 2x2 rib, proceed.

1st row, Rib 9 - Does Rib 9 mean do 9 stitches of 2x2 rib or do 9 entire ribs or 18 stitches?
Wrap1, turn.

2nd row: Rib to end - is this a short row as a result of turning work?

3rd row: Rib 18, wrap 1, turn.

This pattern gives directions on wrap1 but I am unclear of the rest.
Wrap 1 = slip next stitch onto right needle and take yarn to opposite side of work between needles, slip same stitch back onto left needle

Thanks in advance.

I looked at the video on this site on short rows but I am still unclear.

Working over part of the sts, then wrap and turn is also called knitting short rows and it’s used to shape a knitted piece. If you follow the instruction given for it in the pattern step by step it’ll work, or there’s a video for it near the bottom of the Advanced Techniques page.

To ‘rib’ 9 or 18, is to work 9 or 18 [I]sts[/I] in the rib pattern which is a 2x2 rib wherever you happen to be in it. So Rows 1 and 2 would to rib 9 sts, wrap the next stitch and turn, then work back over those same 9 sts in the rib pattern. On row 3 you work 18 sts in the rib pattern before wrapping and turning. When you come across the st that was wrapped before, knit the wrap with the stitch, which is explained in the video.