Rib 6, rib 2 together

I am knitting a sweather using knit 2, purl 2 rib pattern. now to finish off the rib edge, I am asked to rib 6, rib 2 together…HELP

That just means work 6 stitches in your rib pattern, then do the next 2sts together in whatever stitch comes nets. So if you’re at the beginning of the row - k2 p2, k2, p2tog, then k2 after that.

Hi ive just registered to the site being a new knitter I thought this could help me a lot. 1st of all how do I pose new questions and secondly, my pattern is p8, p2 tog p8 rib 2 tog 2 times then rib 9. The rib is k1 p1, how do I rib 2 together and does rib 9 mean follow the rib pattern k1 p1 etc for 9 stitches?

Hi and welcome!
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If you rib pattern is k1p1 you can k2tog or p2tog. Yes, rib 9 means to work the in rib pattern for 9sts then do whatever the next instruction is.