Rib 5, M1, rib 7, M1, rib 27

Hey guys

Pattern started casting on 34 sts then 5 rows of K2, P2 then P2, K2 (forming a rib)

Row 6 I must now rib 5 (P2, K2, P1 - to continue as I have been doing) then M1 (make a stitch from yarn in between my needles)

But now when I return to my rib 7, am I K or P?

Just don’t understand where in the rib I am anymore, have I skipped 1 because I used the stitch? Skipped 2 because I created 1 additional one, or not skip any and continue the rib where I left off?!

Thanks greatly

Welcome to the forum!

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a name or link (not the whole pattern or large portions of it, please)?

Usually the idea is to continue the rib pattern that you’ve established in previous rows disregarding the extra stitch at the moment… If there are more increases, incorporate them into the rib when you have enough to do so.

Your link isn’t working. Maybe there?

Just work the M1 as directed in the pattern and continue the rib so that the columns of knits and purls line up with previous rows. You’re going to change pattern to the cable chart on the next row anyway.

So just eyeball it? Look for the V’s versus the lines?

Thanks for your help apologies for the dodgy link

Yes, as you work across this increase row, do the M1 but ignore it as far as the rib is concerned. Looking for the columns of Vs and bumps is a good way to think of it.

Lovely, I’ll give it a shot! Thanks again