Rib 4, rib2tog, (rib 1, rib2tog) 13 times, rib 5. 36sts

Please could anyone help me with the meaning of this row, i;m trying to knit a pair of long gloves for my sister. Any help would be great thank you becka

When a pattern says ‘rib 4’ or ‘pattern 4’ it means to work 4 [U][I]stitches[/I] [/U]in the pattern, so it’s not 4 ribs or 4 repeats of the pattern.
So for this one, do 4 sts in the rib patten, then knit or purl 2 tog (whichever the dec happens to land on) work the next st as a k or p, then work 2tog, and repeat the ‘work 1 st, rib 2tog’ 13 times, end with 5 stitches in the rib pattern and you’re left with 36 sts.

thank you for your help

I am new to knitting and am knitting a baby cardigan, with 69 stitches. The pattern says rib 6, rib2tog,rib 6, rib2tog 7 times, rib 5 - ending up with 61 stitches. What am I knitting 7 times, as I can’t work out the number correctly? Help! Thank you.

Hi and welcome!
There should be parentheses on this row to help you out:
rib 6, rib 2tog (rib 6, rib2tog) 7 times, rib 5.
Repeat the rib 6, rib2tog in parentheses 7x. That row takes 69sts to begin and decreases 8sts by the end of the row

Hi, thank you! I actually had the parenthesis in but hadn’t worked it out (it’s also a photocopied pattern and I can’t really see it either so that doesn’t help!) That makes perfect sense now. Many thanks.

Sorry to sound ignorant … but I am new at knitting and I know how to k2tog but rib2tog seems different because of the alternating k, p, stiches. I had found that answer once upon a time but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Could someone explain it to me step by step? I don’t want to end up with two k or two p in a 1x1 rib. Much appreciated

Often these instructions occur when you’re transitioning from a rib pattern at the bottom of a sweater to another stitch pattern, say stockinette for the main body of the sweater. You will alter the rib pattern but since the whole pattern is about to change, it won’t matter.
I usually like the knit stitch to sit on top of a purl stitch so I use ssk or k2tog in order to do that. Of course, this also depends on the rows and stitch pattern to follow.
Are you working a particular pattern?


Thank you for your reply!!
Yes, I am working on a pattern by NORO and I’m not sure why the number of stiches after doing the ribbing and rib2tog is not adding up. I am coming one short. I will be in touch again if I can’t fix it. Much appreciated your reply.


If it’s the kind of transition I mentioned above I would just decrease a stitch on the next row and proceed. Good luck with the pattern!

Hi there,
What does “work 4 stitches in the pattern” mean as mentioned in your comment above ?

Thank you

Work the next 4 of the loops over the needle in whichever stitch pattern you have been working. If it’s k1p1 rib then work the next 4 sts in that pattern.

Just as I explained. To knit or purl 4 sts in the established stitch pattern.