Rib 3 question please

Hello, I am just reading through a long cardigan pattern (James C.Brett JB064) that I’m going to start and want to make sure I understand everything !
One part where I would like a bit of extra help please - for the Left Front you begin by ribbing 2x2 until it measures 8cm, then it says to:

rib 3 [9:9:7:9:9], rib2tog, (rib 6 [4:6:6:8:6], rib2tog) 7 [8:6:7:5:7] times, rib 2 [8:8:6:10:8]. 55 [58:60:63:65:67] sts.

When it says rib 3 I assume I K2 P1 ? And then what do I do to rib2tog? As I am making the smallest size I just ignore the numbers in the [brackets]?

Thank you so much for any help this is my first project of this size.



You’re on the right track. Rib 3 would mean - at the start - k2, p1. What it means in general is to work three stitches in whatever rib pattern you’re working wherever in the pattern happen to land. You’d knit the knits and purl the purls for however many stitches it tells you.

Rib 2tog is telling you the same thing. Work the decrease in pattern. So if you land on two purls, purl 2tog. If you land on two knits, knit 2tog. If you land on a mix, it’ll be your choice. I personally would work a kp combo as purl 2tog and a pk combo as k2tog since that particular decrease stitch is going to slant to the right. So I’m doing my decrease stitch based on whatever stitch is on the right of the pair.

(One of the moderators is going to come by to ask you to remove the photos. Placing big sections of the pattern is a potential copyright violation. Your question is clear without them.)


Thank you so much that’s incredibly helpful ! Especially how you work the decrease combos.

Is it normal that the stitches in brackets for different sizes don’t increase in a linear fashion? e.g [1:2:3:4] It seems strange to me that it says rib 3 [9:9:7:9:9] so for a small I only rib 3 but the next size up is 9? but a medium is 7? :upside_down_face:

I’ve removed the photos thanks for the tip.

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Yes, it sometimes happens that the numbers aren’t strictly proportional or don’t fit into a progression. Presumably the pattern accounts for the differences in the body of the sweater.

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Thanks so much. I’m so happy I found this forum. :star_struck: