Rib 1 rib2tog

Hi all, I understand what rib1 rib2tog means. My rib pattern is p2 k2. I know this row is a decrease row. My question is my first rib sts was a p so my next two sts are a p&k. Do I purl these together? Leaving a k sts and then I’ll have a k&p sts to knit together? I have to repeat it 54 times so really don’t want to get it wrong. Thanks in advance

What is the name of your pattern?
You can decide which stitch you would like to have on top for each of these decreases, either a knit stitch or a purl stitch.

If the pattern has a photo showing the top of the hat, that might help to show how the decreases fall in the rib.

Follow the pattern. You’re going to decrease gradually so you get more of a dome shaped top of the head rather than a cone head. It won’t fit right. You’re keeping the pattern but decreasing at the same time. It will switch from a K2p2 to a K1p1.