Reynolds Garden Tweed sweater (too expensive or worth it?)

I’m so in love with this sweater. I haven’t made many, well like maybe 4 so far, two of which are not seamed up. The next one I make I want to really love and wear it a lot and this one looks like it would go with lots etc.

But the cost of the yarn! 18 skeins for pete’s sake = $114 or from California Yarn, 15% off 2 bags = $101.15. Skeins are about $5.50 everywhere I’ve looked so far. I’ve never spent this much on a sweater (except once or twice on a store bought).

Thing is, is the yarn really beautiful enough to warrant the price? I can’t find it carried in any New York stores so I can’t go caress it. Have any of you ever worked with it or seen it? I understand it’s the new Reynolds spring line to follow up on their Harvest Tweed.

Ingrid already told me to just go ahead and get it! :cheering: But I have to be careful on the $ side right now. What do you think, is it worth it?

If you like the yarn and the pattern, than it’s worth it. :thumbsup:

That is LOVELY!!!

Do you have a link to the pattern?

:hug: I DO like it! Hmmmmmm…

Ginny, it’s from Vogue so you have to buy the magazine I guess. Here’s a link where they show it again and the yarn (scroll down to bottom of page)