Review of Signature Arts Needles

So I splurged and bought 3 pairs of signature arts needles I got size 4, 5, and 6, with the stiletto tips. I finally got to use them on the daphne purse from knitted little luxuries.

I LOVE them. They are SOOOO fast. They are light and they don’t make my hand cramp like other metal needles. I normally prefer bamboo because it flexes when you knit. These do as well. I won’t be able to use these needles with slick yarn like 100% silk but these are amazing needles but other than that I see no issues. I highly recommend them.

I know what I am asking for Christmas. :slight_smile:

Wow-- this was very interesting to read!-- I have a pair and found them to feel very heavy to me. And yours flex?! Mine are very solid metal. Hmmm. I got mine about 2 years ago, when they first started making them, so maybe they’ve changed them since then.

THey’re pretty!

Hi brittyknits,

Yea, my pair has a slight flex to them, even though they are metal and they are as light as my bamboo needles. What enticed me to buy them was how pointy the tips were compared to bamboo needles.

They must have changed the type of metal they used from 2 years ago. I bought mine in June and finally got to use them now.

Oh Cynamar they are sooo pretty!!