Reversing a Bind Off

Please help!! :help:

I was following a knitting pattern (Debbie Bliss Seed Stitch Shoes) and accidentally started binding off when I wasn’t supposed to yet. How do I “un”-bind off/reverse my bind off and fix my mistake? I hope someone can help me! Thank you!


If you haven’t completely finished off, tink back to where you began to bind off, and then gently pull out the stitches, slipping them back on to the needle as you go. They will unravel pretty easily (unless you are using really fuzzy/sticky yarn-then you will probably have to pick at them). If you get them on the needle backward, don’t worry about it, you can just knit into the back loop or untwist them when you get to them.

I would just slowly unravel the bind off and slip the live stitches back onto the needle.

Thank you both for your replies!