Reversible scarf

Ok…I was wondering how to make a double sided scarf with no “picture” or design. Just simply, red on one side and black on the other. Is this possible? :thinking:

What I would do is knit it in the round with half the stitches being red and half the stitches being black. You could put a purl at the edges to help delineate the two sides.

I agree. Good idea.

There’s also a technique called double knitting. Here’s a link to a tutorial with pics:

I just checked, there’s a video on this site, click on “Advanced Techniques”


Here is a knity gritty show that talked about making something reversible.

Double knitting would work for this scarf, but knitting it in the round would be less work in this case.

I feel so stupid right now…lol. I have looked at the Advanced techniques video and other videos you have all posted in yoru replys but I still don’t get it. how dumb am I All I’m trying to do is make a scarf one side red and one side black. I tried last night to knitt both together but I just ended up knitting both strings of yarn at the same time and it looked like a different colour pice of yarn and that’s not what I want. Plesa help me. I’m burnt and desperate.

If nothing else, you could knit a red scarf, knit a black scarf both of the same length/width and then weave them together.

If you knit it in the round, all you would need to do is knit the first half of the stitches in black and the other half in red. You could cross over one stitch of each color at the place where the colors meet in order to lock them together.

So, lets say you want a scarf that ends up 25 stitches wide…knit 23 sts in black, one in red, one in black, 23 in red, one in black, one in red, 23 in black, etc.

Then, bind off & seam the ends of the tube together when its as long as you want it.

Maybe I’m not thinking of something (please explain more if that is the case!), but if she does a tube and does the black first say, drops it and begins the red, then drops to begin the black again, the black yarn is going to be on the other side of the tube. I thought that might be confusing. Since it will be a tube anyway, I guess you could carry the yarn back even though it would be pretty long. Am I thinking of that right, or am I out of my mind (more than usual, that is)

Kemp! You win the golden needles today for sure. Of course the yarn would be in the wrong place! She would have to knit it flat, half red, half black and then seam up the sides. Duh! I feel dumb.

yeah after i thought about it when Kemp said it even if you did carry it, you would have a big ol’ mess in your tube. you could probably do it as intarsia i would think so you don’t have to seam up BOTH sides couldn’t you?

if that works, i promise it isn’t nearly as scary as it would seem. especially with something that that is rectangle shaped…just remembering to cross the yarns the right way the first few times is the hardest part!

Wow :blush: coming from you that is a real compliment! I need to go in the other room now, but my head won’t fit through the door! :wink:

And, to get back to the original subject, I think that DIY video is exactly what you would want to do, if you must to it all together. They do call it an advanced technique, but I am sure you’d be fine after some practice.

You earned it, sweetie!

When you switch colors, you just have to remember to bring the new color up under the old color on the back of your work to trap it. What I do is insert the needle in the first ‘new’ color st and hold the old color in my left hand pulled over to the left. When I knit with the new color, it automatically goes in the right place. If it’s a little loose at times, a slight tug will take care of it.

Im a big dork. :oops:

I feel your pain. :rollseyes:

KK you’re not a dork!!! :heart: muah!

I was thinking the same thing! My suggestion was going to be knit in black for as long as you want, then change to red for the same legnth, BO, then seam the sides and one short edge.

oo, Ingrid, you posted as I was writing this… you’re not a dork either!!! :heart:

Hi Youngknitter,

How are you doing on your scarf? I feel so badly for you. Is there somebody near you that knits? Sometimes it is frustrating trying to learn something from a video. DS’s GF finds it much easier when I show her.


:devil: I’m suprised you guys were so easy on KK! She left herself so open to some interesting commentary on that one :wink:

I had a thought on this last night–this could be knit lenghthwise. Knit red for a certain number of rows, switch to black for the same amount, bind off and seam. Or do a provisional cast on for the first edge and do a 3needle bindoff along the long edge. No seams.