Reversible Cable?

I was wondering if anyone knew how to make reversible cables? I tried googling it and just came up with lots of classes i could take to learn -_-

All i know is that it has something to do with ribbing and cables…can anyone help?

Hi Frouxbee;

Welcome to KH!! You will find all of us to be friendly and helpful, no matter the question. And, speaking of questions, voila! Check this out!

I hope that helps, and remember, if you have any other questions (and believe me, you will!) just come and ask!!


There’s a very cool reversible cable scarf in Scarf Style that I’m doing for my sweet husband…it’s beautiful…that book has a LOT of very nice things in it…one of my faves!
Actually, I just went over to knitpicks to see if they had the book & they do & you can actually look at the scarf that I am referring to here, it’s the one in the upper left photo, you don’t get a shot of the full length, but u can see that it’s nice! I’m making Lonnie’s our of SouthWest Trading Co’s soy silk yarn, Phoenix…it should be very yummy with this scarf…nothing but cables, front & back…like the seamen’s scarf, just shaped differently!..YES…I do really :heart: :heart: this book :smiley:

yay!!! thanks all :slight_smile: :slight_smile: