Reverse St st

I am working on an “easy” shawl “Wrapped in Ragg” I am stumped on the first row after the initial directions after the knit 6 rows.
My question is with the next direction “Now beg with a p row, work in {Reverse St st} (?) - one row p, one row k. Work even {?} in Rev St st until peice measures…”

I think what it means, is to have your purl side on the RS of your work.

Do I knit on the purl rows and vice versa?


Thanks Reggie,
what does it mean to work [COLOR=“Red”]even[/COLOR] in Rev St.

For reverse stockinette st, you have purls on the RS rows, and you knit on the WS. To ‘work even’ means to continue in the stitch pattern without any decreases or increases.