Reverse side duplicate stitch

I can find a lot of instructions for how to do duplicate stitch on the right side of stockinette stitch, but not much for doing it on the reverse purl side. I know there is a video on this site and I’ve watched that, but it’s not clear enough for me to see- it’s a bit dark. Can someone please give me a link to a diagram or something for it?


I’ve never heard of duplicate stitch on the purl side since that’s the side of stockinette that is traditionally the “hidden” side and wouldn’t be seen anyway. I would be interested to see if the more experienced knitters have an idea how to do it.

Well first of all, if you do it correctly on the right side (since you have no trouble on that one, yeah?) it will look right on the other side! But if you want to do it with the WS facing you, might allow you to adjust the tension a bit better I suppose.
here you go