Reverse shaping

Can someone let me know if I’m doing this right: I’ve done the left front of a vest now on rt front, the pattern is a seed stitch all the way down front of both sides & 4" on the sides. Shape armhole for left states bind off 5 sts at beg of next RS row. Work WS rows in pattern. Bind off 3 sts at beg of next RS row. The next direction says for RS, am I right to assume that instead of doing this on the RS I would work on the WS? In other words when doing reversing any binding off etc would be done on the WS instead of RS correct? When shaping the neck and shoulder would I do all binding off on the purl side? It’s stockinette by the way. Thanks for the help in advance.:knitting:

You should always do bind offs at the beginning of the row. So yes, on the armhole shaping for the right front, the bind offs are on the purl row (WS). Bind offs on the neck edge are on the RS rows, again at the beginning of the RS row. If there are decreases, it’s often easier to do those on the RS rows, even if you have to work an extra row in order to get onto the RS row.

Generally, yes, you’d work the reverse side decreases on a wrong side row, since you can only bind off at the beginning of a row.

It helps to picture which edge is which when working the decreases. If you know you’re working on the arm edge or the neck edge, it reassures you that you’re working the decreases properly.

Thanks to both of you for your help! First time doing a 3 part project and I think the directions could’ve been written a bit better. Again thank you!