Reverse shaping?

I’m working on a baby wrap cardigan, and have knit the left front . The instructions for the right front say to “work to correspond to left front,
reversing all shaping”. I’m confused as the first row of shaping on the left side was to bind off 4 st. and purl to the end. Does that mean that I now begin the shaping on the right hand side with purl to the end and then bind off 4? I did that and I now have one st. left over…that
can’t be right. Help!

When you bind off stitches, they always have to be at the beginning of the row. So you’ll bind off the first 4 stitches and purl to the end.

When you reverse shaping, the easiest way is to just do it with the opposite side facing you.

Yep, you can only BO at the beg of a row, so you may have to do it on the WS row. Decs can be done on the RS row, but you’ll have to do them at the end of the row instead of the beginning.

Thank you soooo much for the help. I’ve completed the fronts
and am now onto the sleeves.