Reverse shaping

Hi, I’m working on a headband and after all the inc, it says…

Now, reverse shaping - measure from marker

What is this supposed to mean?

Thank you!

Do you need to decrease then? If so, you would do it in the same manner as you increased. If the incs were every 4th row, the decs will be every 4th row; if the incs were only along one edge, they should also be along the same edge.

Once you have done all your increases, you now have to reverse all your rows.
So if the last row knitted with an inc on it tells you to inc 1st at the beg, you will then reverse the next row and inc 1st at end. Just reverse all your rows.

Since you got 2 entirely different interpretations, I think we need to know more about the pattern. Do you have a link or a picture, and could you describe the shaping a little more.

Yes Suzeeq, it’s definitely decreasing what is meant by this. Thank you very much!