Reverse knitting?

This was brought up at my knitting group (alot of us are doing flat stockinette and are SICK of purling). I’m wondering if anyone has successfully done this? How does it affect your gauge?

Hey YarnMommy?
Is this what you’re talking about? If it is, then I’ve been doing this lately; although, I “discovered” it before I saw Amy’s video. So I didn’t know what it was called.

Anyhoo … it tampers with your guage in the beginning; but once you get comfortable with working in the opposite direction, it’s a breeze. I already knit English, so I didn’t have to get used to the yarn being in my right hand. I enjoy this purl method. It seems like turning your work isn’t such a big deal, but once you get comfortable with this way of purling, stockinette takes on a whole new measure of EASY!! :thumbsup: And I agree with Amy; this way of purling isn’t really all that great when it comes to knit/purl combos … unless you’re up to the challenge of learning a COMPLETELY different way of knitting. I tried to use this purl in combos etc, but it really isn’t worth it. So I just use it for an entire purled row … like stockinette … long story short :doh: :smiley: