Returning Yarn To Your LYS?

I’m just curious. What kind of response have you gotten when you had to take yarn back to your LYS?
A friend of mine had a not so good experience at our lys. She did get to exchange her yarn but, she was treated badly in the process. I have only had to return yarn one time, didn’t have any problem. Just thought I’d see what other’s have encountered in this situation. Also when she exchanged it she spent more on the new yarn and bought more yarn for another project.

only tried it at one of my LYS and had no problem. but they know that they are going to get more money out of me when i show up so they might as well! :teehee:

At both places where I live, they say that you can return balls that still have their ball bands intact and they cannot smell of smoke. One place in particular when helping customers lets them know you can return unused yarn when encouraging a person to make sure they purchase enough of the dye lot for a project. I haven’t had any issues, but I haven’t hat to retun any yet :shrug: But, they also are adamant that there are no returns on needles or patterns no matter what. they post this very clearly so there’s really no disputes. They just caution people that say “I think I need this size but I’m not sure…” because even if you find you bought a dup pattern or needles, they can’t be sure that you’re not copying the pattern or using the needle and taking it back… It’s only fair really. I hate it that some places have to be so rude. I hear about that sometimes…some places sort of treat the new knitters that have come around with the recent surge the last few years as if they were second class citizens…and bad reviews from customers is not what they should be causing!!! :-x

P.S. always a good idea to check this policy before you buy!!! just to save the heartache of being treated badly…

She has no animals, no smoke and she had not used any of the yarn. All was still in tact. We are taking a class and she decided to use a different yarn for part of the sweater. It calls for about 8 different kinds of yarn.

I know this has made an impression on me. We do have other lys to shop at.

I would check the return policy before purchasing. My mom used to work at a knit and cross stitch shop and their policy was “If it hasn’t been balled, still has the original factory label on it and still have that yarn in stock we will take it back.” They would take back yarn that was an overbuy if they bought it all in one lot regardless of whether they still had it in stock but would not take back special order overbuys.

Bring yarn BACK??? :?? :?? :thud:

OMG somebody get the smelling salts!

Ingrid, speak to me… did you hit your head? … it’s OK, she’s not gonna take your yarn back!

Neither am I!!! :rofl:

ok… breathe… breathe… now… some… people take yarn back for numerous reasons. I was taught to remain opened minded of these people. My lys had a return area… yarn no longer carried, single balls that were not needed :shrug: etc… These were marked way down… (basicaly to their costs) Not much yarn ever stayed… They knew they could sell it & keep their customers happy…But had a strict return policy on needles & patterns , but if they balled your yarn… you were stuck… but they also had a trade & swap list also… they really tried to be fair…

:teehee: With all the stash you have why bother. I took mine back because I was allergic to it. That has only happened one time though.

My thoughts exactly :shrug: what would the other yarn in my stash think?!

My thoughts exactly :shrug: what would the other yarn in my stash think?![/quote]

:roflhard: :roflhard: It would be like giving back a child!

uuuh I took mine back because I dropped my brain and bought a fun fur ball of cwap. I was actually showing good sense taking it back and getting it out of here before it offended my other yarn!


I’m with Ingrid… :thud:

Take back yarn??? I had no idea that concept even existed.

My LYS is great. Not sure of your gauge? Try the needles…knit a swtach with them in the store. Patterns and books are final. Needles can be exchanged for a different size. Yarn can be exchanged if not balled and still has band.

My thoughts exactly :shrug: what would the other yarn in my stash think?![/quote]

:roflhard: :roflhard: It would be like giving back a child![/quote]

That’s so true, so true…cept for Bren, some unknown stranger jumped in her bag when shopping, she had no choice but to return this, this…strange object :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

That’s true. Fun fur is like letting a homeless person camp out on your porch. :wink:

This is how my LYS has treated me every time I’ve gone in there.

I don’t know if it’s intentional, but with younger people in the store she treats them very poorly. With me, my friend that was with me, and there was another lady that came in. The lys lady was helping her pick out yarn colors, and flipped out on the girl because she took too many colors out, or messed the order or whatever and the lys lady got all pissy and said she was going to have to redo it now.

Then, one of her older friends came in and it was just completely different.

I really have never had a good experience there. Unfortunately, that’s one of the two available in the area. And the other one is further away, and I’ve never been there.
I keep meaning to. I’ve heard they have mostly just novelty yarn though.

Oh…and, uh, on a topic related note… I’ve never returned yarn to my lys.
(Mostly because I hardly buy anything there.)

I think it also depends on how well the owner knows you and how good a customer you are. The owner at my store has met my wife and knows me by first name. I knit there on many Thursday nights. I am also pretty loyal about making purchases there. Sooo when I recently returned $90 worth of yarn, no problemo. BTW, I walked out of there with $60 of more yarn. They know very well that they will eventually make a very good profit from me.

lol that’s what i am saying…the one time i had to take some back i spent more than they gave me back before i left the store so there was no real loss to them! :lol:

I was actually showing good sense taking it back and getting it out of here before it offended my other yarn!

I had to weed out the “bad element” in my stash, also! hehe. I moved it next door to the little girl who is using a loom to make hats. She hasn’t grown into a full-fledged yarn snob yet, but I’ll have her there soon :teehee:

As for the LYS – it always amazes me when I hear stories about bad customer service in a small, speciality store. With all the online resources for yarn, LYS’s need to offer what you can’t get somewhere else – good atmosphere, friendly service and help w/ projects, etc…(cuz you’re usually paying more in their store than you would elsewhere). If you get an attitude, why go back? Recently, on vacation, I went to a LYS that was going out of business. I browsed, but wasn’t ready to make a decision on yarn as I couldn’t find the pattern I was looking for. As I was leaving, I got a somewhat disgusted “you couldn’t find
anything ?” The following week, I went to a different LYS, got a ton of help and NO PRESSURE, and bought a pattern, some markers and enough yarn for a full size sweater. As I was checking out, the owner made a point of telling me I could return the unused yarn. You can bet she will keep getting my business.