Retro Flying Helmet:Little Sublime Handknit Book


I am making the “retro flying helmet” from the “Little Sublime Handknit Book”. I have completed both ear flaps, and the front flap, but cannot understand the directions for joining the three together. Picture is on page 3 and instructions are on page 11. My confusion begins in the far right column under the title “Main Section”. Beginning where it says: Cast on (14)stitches, with the rs of work facing you (which piece?) moss stitch 13 stitches across left ear flap (on the same needle with the same yarn as the just cast on stitches?)

Hope someone out there has this book and can help me to understand next steps.

Thank you,

CO 14 sts, with the RS of [I]the earflap[/I] facing you, work moss stitch across it, with the same yarn and needle you just CO with.

Thanks Suz:

That helps so much–I’ll be baaack!:heart:

Dear Suzeeq: It’s summer and I am just now getting back to this piece. I have a very very basic question for you:
when i cast on the 14 stitches they are on the right hand needle. Is this cast on row now the RS of the first row?