Resources for knitting w/ two circs

Anyone have any book suggestions, etc. that might be helpful while I learn to knit on two circs? I want to try socks on two circs and I was thinking of the book “Socks Soar on Two Circs”. Anyone have this book and recommend or dislike it? Any other suggestions aside of Amy’s video?

I found this.

I found both the book and the site. I think the book is a little bit more explicity and also has some nice patterns. However, the technique itself is very easy and I’ve found knitting socks to be much more"portable" than on dpns. I just took a sock I was knitting to San Francisco and not one slipped stitch, not even close, despite a lot jostling around.

Thanks Jenelle–I found the same site in my searches and I think I might give it a try!

I’ve always and only ever knitted socks on 2 circs…it is so easy! I would still like to try DPNs just for the experience, but I don’t think it would be my preferred method.

Not two socks on two circs, but I tried two socks on one circ (magic loop) using an online tutorial that I seem to have lost now :thinking: and I found it alright, but SO difficult to keep the two balls of yarn from getting tangled up. Any tips for that problem? I gave up and went back to one sock on one circ.

Frankly, looking at the directions, it doesn’t appear that doing two socks on two circs would be any more difficult than doing one sock on two circs…I don’t love dpns but I don’t hate them either…