Replacement yarn obtainable by an Aussie ?

I can’t buy from them - they don’t ship Downunder.
So I need another mercerized cotton yarn I can use instead; and, of course, it needs to be one sufficiently popular or well-known or whatever to enable me to buy it … either within Oz or on-line (meaning there must be some yarn provider who sells this kinda thing.
Mustn’t there …?
Sighh …

Have you used YarnSub before? They come up with matches and explanations for the match that are very helpful.

Although there’s not a really close match for Drops Muskat, Cotton Classic and Coton Satine come closest. Tahki is distributed by Love Knitting (among other sites) and they ship to Aus. Bergere will ship Coton Satine to Aus.

I’ve used Cotton Classic before and like it as much as any pure cotton…

ETA: Have you tried Nordic Mart for the Muskat? It seems that they do ship internationally.

Ah, salmonmac - you are brilliant ! I knew nothing of Nordic Mart - thanks a million !!!