Replacement needle/cable for Boye interchangable?

i started knitting my first lacy scarf and about 7 inches up the way i put my needle down to pick up the phone and when i returned one of my needles were snapped off the cables with the cable part still in them. my little ones will not fess-up but i have a feeling they did it. i have an ordering form that came with the set but no phone number and i’m supposed to mail them a check or money order even though it says prices may change. the other thing is it takes 6-8 weeks for delivery.

i will love to finish this scarf, which i started for a friend’s birthday, before winter is over. anyone know where i can get a replacement needle and cable for my boye interchangable needles? any internet site that sells these needles and cables for replacements? tia!


If you have a Hobby Lobby, they sell replacement tips and cables. I took in a set of mine that had broken just like yours (with no kids around!) and they replaced them immediately, no questions asked.

Also, they are on for half price this week, if you need to pick up some extras.

What size tip and cable was it?

Edited to add: Hobby Lobby’s online retailer is and they stock the tips and cables, too. I don’t know how long their shipping takes, though. :shrug: Probably not 6-8 weeks.

thanks brownishcoat. it was my most used needle, size 6 and 16 inch cable that broke. unfortunatly there are no hobby lobby in nyc :shrug: . i searched the site you suggested but no luck in finding the replacement needles. i guess i will just have to order one of those addi turbo for now :teehee:. hope i won’t get hooked on them bec. i can’t afford one in every size.

Hereis a link to Boye’s site. They have an orderform for replacement parts.

Here is the size 6 tip:

Here is the 16" cable:

They are $2.99 each and I’d be happy to go to Hobby Lobby and pick them up at the sale price. Even with postage, it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than an Addi. :shrug:

PM your address if you are interested.

thank you thank you! i’m off to purchase my replacements.

brownish, that was so nice of you to offer to pick them up for me :slight_smile: thanks :muah: . i’m just going to order them on the internet now that i have the link.

So sorry to butt in to the conversation, but does anyone know where I can get a set of couplers? Mine aren’t in my case :!!!: I saw that they’re $2.50 on Boye’s replacement page, but I’m in Europe… If anyone knows of any place online I can get them, I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks :muah:

I just got a needlemaster 40-piece interchangeable aluminum knitting set that I found at Savers.
Savers is a thrift store.
I am missing:

  • 2 wires sizes 16 inches (42.5cm) and 21 inches (55cm)
  • 2 needles number 6 (4mm) and 8 (5mm)
  • 1 Tool Post
  • 2 Extended connect tools
    How do I get replacement parts? (Reply with actual website URL Link to the replacement parts)

Here is the contract information :grinning:

To Order By Phone:
Monday to Friday
7:30 AM to 5 PM CT
This is their customer service # if you need help with identifying what set you have

M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm cst