Removing Stink

A waitress in a truckstop was looking at my scarf a little while ago and she dropped a part of it onto a stinking dill pickle. grrrrrrr

It’s Caron Simply Soft. Do you suppose Febreeze will remove the pickle stench without affecting the yarn?

Ohh I want hear the answer to this. I’ve thought about Febreezing my knitting before, but I haven’t gotten the nerve up to do it yet.

It might, but why not just rinse it out? The Caron is acrylic, so you should just be able to run water through it.:think:

I thought about that, and did wipe it with a damp cloth which helped, but I really don’t want to get the thing really wet yet as it isn’t quite finished. I plan to wash it once it’s finished.

I checked it a few minutes after I posted this question and the odor has faded quite a bit so maybe wiping it off helped.

I may try the Febreeze just to see what happens.

You can rinse just that part, towel dry it with a clean dry towel and it will be almost dry at the point and will dry quickly after that - one of the advantages of acrylic. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll try rinsing.

I don’t see why Febreeze wouldn’t work, too. If all else fails give it a try.

i had to febreeze two whole balls of peaches n cream. dh didn’t know it was still in the wal-mart bag, and decided to use it as a garbage bag (cigarette butts, soda cans, chip bags… just nasty!:ick:)

anyway, it worked:mrgreen:

I have Febreezed 3 shawls and 2 felted bags to get rid of the “wet wool” odor. I worked great. The “rain” scent smells really good.

Okay i gotta say… at that price, and with that level of nastiness… i woulda just bought new… you are a better woman than me! lol :ick:

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]White vinegar will do the same thing as Fabreeze and will save money to buy more yarn!:happydance:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Thanks for the input folks. I knew that Febreeze would remove the odor but was concerned about it staining the yarn. Sounds like it’s safe enough.