Remove a Cast On?

Wow, I never knew I had this many knitting questions until I realized there were other knitters out there who might be able to answer them- Hah!

Is it possible to remove a cast on and make it into a bind off or will something get messed up? I’m just practicing for now but figured I’d ask before I try it out so I can get some how-s and why-s.

Happy knitting!

Do you mean like the top of my top down sweaters I go from the cast on and knit a collar going up?
Yes, Provisional Cast On. I like to do it on a interchangeable cable. Then when I’m ready to knit from cast on up I take the blocks off and screw some needles on.

There is another that I’ve never done.

Yep. You just have to do it one stitch at a time. It won’t zip like the cast off. Just start undoing it and pulling the yarn through and putting the stitches back on the needles.

BTW… It’s easier to take out the provisional cast on when you come to that.

Well, I basically finished two ribbed scarves (one is 1x1, one is 2x2- my first time) and cannot find a bind off that matches the cable cast on that I used, despite a few videos that claim they are a cable bind off, they do not match. I was hoping I could just undo the cast on I began with and find a bind off I like that I can do on both ends.

Knitting the opposite way will leave you 1/2 a stitch off. Provisional cast on or unthreading a regular cast on will be the same in that respect.
It may not be noticeable if you pick the stitches up and instantly bind off. It will be if you intend to knit some rows before binding off (It bugs me on my sweaters, I have to match the cables to the ribbing).

Something to consider: We look at our stuff stitch by stitch. We see that loose stitch or cast on/bind off that doesn’t match. Everyone else sees the project as a whole.
Go around your house and look at the moulding up close, I bet you find gaps of all sizes you never knew were there.

Perfectionism is an issue with my knitting- it can take some of the fun out of it as I spend countless hours trying to figure out how I can match my ends once I’m practically done (I’ve only done scarves so far). It hasn’t been such a problem previous years when I’ve used the fuzzier, less distinct yarn that sort of hides the shapes of the stitches, but I recently bought some different yarn and love the way ribbing looks after looking it up and giving it a try.
I just bought some circular needles so I plan to try knitting a hat and I shouldn’t have to worry about having a matching bind off!

I never had a problem with the 1/2 stitch thing. My stitches always come out correctly.

Knitting is supposed to be fun so don’t worry about little things like perfect bind offs. I’m sure your scarves are beautiful. Add a little fringe if you have to. It sounds like you’re learning a lot though and that’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had someone notice (my sister has noticed the in the round jog) but I always see it.

Oh yeah, there is a jog when knitting in the round, but I thought you were talking about provisional cast on. :confused: Is that a hat?

When you pick up the sts from a provisional cast on, you have one fewer than your cast on.

This is because you’re not actually picking up the loops, you’re picking up the strand between the loops. Just like the 5 fingers on your hand, there are only 4 spaces between fingers. You’re picking up in the spaces between sts.
It’s not noticeable unless you’re working rib and then you see a half stitch jog. Eunny Jang has a solution for ribs or cables. This whole video is helpful but the particularly relevant portion is at 5:30.

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This is the collar on a top down sweater where I picked up the provisional to work the collar up. Notice there’s only 1 1/2 stitches 2x2 rib lined up with the 6x cables. 1/2 a stitch on the rib one way, 1/2 a stitch from the cable the other.
It lays so it’s not completely noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

I just mentioned the jog because that is something someone has noticed on a striped collar. I don’t worry about adjusting for that because it lets me know which is the back (otherwise I have to look for the short rows).

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That is a terrific idea!! Thank you.