Remedial knitting

so, when you are making a complicated stitch, k2 or 3 tog or ssk or whatever, should [I]all [/I]of those stitches end up the same size in the end, or are some supposed to be looser?

is that what usually takes longest to learn, or do most people have to fiddle as they go along, or do I just have my own special little knitting difficulties?

(I am trying to do eyelet m1s right now - and do I need to knit the ones before the m1 looser to not have to torture the yarn into doing what I want? or am I just doing it wrong?)

my eyelet heart socks had k4tog, and i didn’t do anything different on the row before or after… just kept my tension the same… although the k4tog was a pain… my kp options tips actually have slight ‘groves’ where i did them:shifty:

If you’re making eyelets with M1–lifting the bar, then you can knit into the front of the bar, where it’s looser.

For a regular increase, you knit into the back, small, PITA loop. Sometimes for the back loop I put my needle into the front and kind of lift it up and over the left needle under the yarn to get it in there.