Rejoining yarn?

Hi folks, I’m making a sweater for dd (first project in 20 years lol, good grief is it going slowly!!). I’ve gotten stuck on the front neck, one side and shoulder is done with the rest of the stitches on a thread. The pattern is telling me to ‘leave center 15 sts on thread, with right side facing rejoin yarn at neck edge of remaining 19sts and knit to end’. I know what it wants me to do but sadly have no clue how to do it :smiley: Can anyone help with how to rejoin the yarn??


Here’s a video on joining yarn. Just scroll down a bit.

None of those seem to apply Ingrid, I have 19 stitches on my needle, no loose yarn attached to them, and have to join in the new yarn. The videos all seem to assume there’s working yarn still attached to the stitches, unless I’ve missed something in them?


Ok, I’ll tell you what I do. I always refer to the expert first. :wink:

When I have to attach yarn as you are doing now, I make a slip knot in my yarn, and when I make my first stitch, I pull the loop of the slip knot through. It gives me a little security that the yarn won’t come through entirely. Then just keep knitting with the yarn you’ve just attached.

Or, you can just start knitting and tighten up that stitch later.

Another thing I do is use the tail end of the new yarn for the second stitch as a way to secure it.

Just start knitting with the new yarn…

Ta much, one sweater front now finished and I can move onto the sleeves, phew! Think it would be ok to cast them onto the needle one after the other using separate balls of yarn and knit them both at the same time? I’m thinking that would be a good way to make sure they’re the same size, I have visions of trying it on dd and one sleeve’s round her elbow while the other’s at her knees :lol: I haven’t done clothing before so please be gentle if that’s a really silly idea!


Knitting them at the same time is the ONLY way to go, in my opinion!!!

I second this one, Kel. Just pick up the new yarn (leaving a tail, of course) and just start knitting.

Dudette - it’s totally not a silly idea. I’ve done that before. It really is quite nice! It’s probably a mind game, but it seems to speed the time spent on the sleeves too. :wink: My only gripe was getting my skeins all twisted. But once I … um … well … PAID ATTENTIION :oops:, it wasn’t a prob.

Thinking ahead a little (well, past the first 12 rows of ribbing anyway :wink: ) the sleeves are done in 2 colour stripes, 2 rows each colour. Would I just pick up the new colour at the start of each second row and leave the just done colour attached until I need it again?

thanks, you’ve all been very helpful so far!


Since they are so close together, I would do that. Just make sure you don’t pull them too tight.