Rejoin Yarn?

I’m making a baby sweater and just finished the right shoulder and neck and fastened off. Now the pattern calls for me to “rejoin” the yarn with the RS facing.

Rejoin with what? My ball of yarn is completely free of the sweater. Does that make sense? The pattern I am using is below, I’m at the BACK section.

Thanks so much :heart:

The instructions want you to start knitting the stitches again that you placed on a holder or spare knitting needle before you began knitting the first side or panel that you just completed. If you used a needle (of the same size you are working the sweater) simply start re-knitting the stitches on the needle from the RS. If you used a holder (or different size needle to hold your stitches) slip the stitches back onto your needle and knit the other side from those stitches.

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I have a question regarding this join: I cannot figure out how to start with new yarn without casting on an extra stitch…or do you just start knitting as if the yarn was there all along (what’s to keep it from unravelling?)? Any tips would be appreciated. TIA

Yes, just start knitting, leave about a 3" tail that you weave that in later. The first stitch may be a bit loose until you do a couple rows, but it won’t pull out.

Thanks so much!!!:muah:

I’ve just had a chance to sit down and figure this out- thank you! Somehow when it comes from someone else… it all makes sense!!