Reinforcing Thread


Hubby’s socks wore out at the ball of the foot. Main yarn was wool & nylon mix. I started reinforcing a new pair with some Jawoll I had. It looked like there was a large amount on the cards, but once I decided to reinforce the entire foot, it wasn’t enough. I thought Jo~Ann carried Wooly Nylon but the two I tried did not. I bought Gutermann Bulky Nylon and it is much thinner than the Jawoll. 1. Is the bulky nylon similar in thickness to wooly nylon? 2. Do you use reinforcement as thick as Jawoll and why the 43-yard cards at $1.75 instead of Berocco Comfort Sock for about 1/10 the price per yard? I couldn’t find WPI or gauge for Jawoll but did find it called fingering weight. Is Berocco Comfort Sock similar in weight? The reason I decided to reinforce the entire foot was that I couldn’t think of a way to reinforce only the ball area when working in the round. Open to ideas! Thank you!


Put in jawoll and they will list compatible products starting with the most compatible. Hope this helps

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I haven’t used reinforcing threads myself, but I know of people who do. There isn’t much on the skein usually because it’s generally used for things like heels where there is often friction wear. It is usually thinner so it doesn’t affect the feel and size of the sock since it’s carried with the sock yarn. Wooly Nylon seems to come in 1000 meter bobbins…

Here’s a few online places to look - (amazon seems to have the most colors)


Thanks! I have looked online. Since I bought the Gutermann’s and used some, I was wondering if anyone else had tried it.



Thank you! I will be using that site a lot! There is no match for it there. The bobbins are 5g/43 yards which makes it about half the thickness of most yarns I’ve found so far. I don’t know how accurate those measurements are when multiplied by 20. (Jawoll Maggie Degrade is 100g/437 yards, for example.) I will probably order some Wooly Nylon. I just think the Jawoll bobbins are expensive for the quantity on the bobbin and would like a less expensive option. Buying a couple is fine, but having a quantity on hand and using more than one per pair of socks is costly for what I’m making. I could see it for fine socks made for selling.


I think they must sell those small amounts for darning rather than reinforcing. That seems a silly amount to me, too.

The wooly nylon is very fine, but it’s meant for carrying with your regular yarn. I haven’t tried it, but I know a few who have.


Hiya, this thread is now a bit old, but for reference, larger cones (1100yds) of this are available in white, red, blue, and black at Halcyon Yarn, see here: Wooly Lylon Reinforcement Yarn. Great stuff! Cheers!