Reinforcing thread: woolly nylon or Lang Jawol?

I searched on reinforcement thread for socks, and found recommendations for woolly nylon serger thread (and I got myself a spool) and for Lang Jawol reinforcement thread (which is similar to the thin yarn my LYS recommends for reinforcing socks). Has anyone here used both of these? Which is better? I worry that the Jawol itself is only 18% nylon, so when combined with my sock yarn, is there enough total nylon content to be robust? On the other hand, the woolly nylon is 100% nylon, but as far as I can tell was not designed for reinforcing socks.

What do the voices of experience say?

(I have a beautiful hank of 100% merino Malabrigo sock yarn, and I want to reinforce it with the best!)

Thanks for any advice.


I will start off by saying I do not have experience. The wooly nylon is often used in reinforcing seams I believe so it should be fine I would think for socks. :think:


I love woolly nylon for socks. The first socks I made were self striping out of Jawol yarn and it came with their nylon. It was ok but I found it rather thick. Once I started on other socks I read a few posts that suggested woolly nylon and decided to give it a try. I really love it. It comes in a huge variety of colors and I’ve always been able to match it and you can’t see it once the socks are knit up. It wears and washes well also. My one sister insists on machine drying the socks I made her and it hasn’t affected the nylon at all. I’ve always gotten mine at Joann etc so I can properly match it. I once was positive I needed more of a grey and turned out when I put the yarn against the woolly nyon I needed more of a brown.


Thank you! That’s just the kind of detail I was hoping to hear. Sounds like the woolly nylon will be the better choice. Hooray!


You’re so welcome. Just wanted to add that I’ve used it on socks I’ve made from cormo sheep wool, border leicester sheep wool and alpaca and it has served me well on all.

Hubby’s socks wore out at the ball of the foot. I started reinforcing a new pair with some Jawoll I had. It looked like there was a large amount on the cards, but once I decided to reinforce the entire foot it wasn’t enough. I thought Jo~Ann carried Wooly Nylon but the two I tried did not. I bought Gutermann Bulky Nylon and it is much thinner than the Jawoll. 1. Is the bulky nylon similar in thickness to wooly nylon? 2. Do you use reinforcement as thick as Jawoll and why the 43-yard cards at $1.75 instead of Berocco Comfort Sock for about 1/10 the price per yard? I couldn’t find WPI or gauge for Jawoll but did find it called fingering weight. Is Berocco Comfort Sock similar in weight?