Reinforcing socks with thread?

Hey everyone. I’ll admit that I’ve recently developed a sock addiction and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about knitting socks. Apparently, the use of reinforcing the toes and heels of socks is the source of some debate. Some people say that it helps reduce the wear of the sock, while some people say it makes them uncomfortable or actually makes the sock wear more quickly. I’ve never used reinforcing nylon thread and could just try it myself, but I don’t want to if the majority of people don’t think reinforcing the sock has many benefits. So, any thoughts on the issue? :smiley:

If you can find it, you can skim a [I]little[/I] in at various place that the sock will get most wear, like the toes and heel. But, most sock yarns have at leats 25% nylon in them so if you used one of those, that should be enough. If you use too much, the sock will not stretch and will wear more quickly, but if you use it sparingly, you’ll be fine. Just take it in the purl bumps so you won’t see it on the outside.

If I were using a 100% wool, like KP Palette, would I need to use thread then?

When I first started knitting socks I would use it… if the sock was 100% wool… I would just knit with it during the heel and then again on the toe… I heard the same things… some would tell me that is all they ever do and it has never wore out on them… others would say it cut right through the wool…I did try and knit with it loosely I didn’t pull it to snug…

Now what I do is just go down a needle size for my heels and toes and knit tighter… I think it’s just a personal choice on what you feel comfy doing…

I had one knitter tell me why would you want to do that? I want them to wear out so I can justify knitting more socks for myself…:teehee:

I think this will remain a debate until someone actually knits one sock with reinforcement and one without, and wears both until the first one springs a hole. And even then the test wouldn’t be scientific – maybe the wearer treads more heavily on one leg than the other. Maybe we could get Consumer’s Digest to run one of their abrasion tests…

I knit one pair of socks with the nylon thread heald with the wool, I started out at the toe, and then again at the heel, and it was visible from the outside.

The way I do it if I’m not knitting with an actual “sock” yarn, is I reinforce the toe, middle of the foot (very little) and heel.

So would you suggest reinforcing if I were to use KP Palette?

You can if you can find the matching color… I know Joanns sells a lot of colors… what I do now is just go down a needle size on the heel and toe while knitting a bit tighter… you should be ok by just doing that :thumbsup:

Does it change the gauge if I go down a needle size? Do I need to adjust the number of rows or anything, or just use the smaller needle?

I haven’t ran into any problems… I always knit my heel flap at 2" (depends on foot size) and then for the toe sizing I’m always trying it on…the last pair I made is a little short toe wise but that is because I didn’t try it on and assumed it would be ok…:oo: I should have worked a few more decrease rnds and then grafted the toe together…If you haven’t knit very many socks then it might be a little different…I pretty much know how my foot runs in socks now and just do what I want to on the heels and toes…well I change the gussets up a bit to cause I find most sock patterns are to big there if I don’t… :teehee:

Rachel - I’m knitting a sock right now with Palette, and I think I’m going to reinforce it with nylon thread.