Reid: an almost FO

We’re near the finish line: only need to do the crochet edging. So far, I’ve gotten the sleeves done. I did the first row of sc, and began to do the 2nd row but changed my mind. I don’t want the pointy triangles. So, I’m just going to sc all edges. With the yarn I’m using, one row of sc seems to keep the edge from rolling.

Absolutely gorgeous! I mean, WOW!

Beautiful job!

:smiley: GORGEOUS!!! I think the sc edge looks very nice :thumbsup:

What a beautiful sweater!


It looks gorgeous! I am sooooo tempted to try it, its simply beautiful.

How beautiful is that! I love the color of it.

That is such a beautiful pattern! And I love the colors, too. Sorry if I missed this before, but what is the pattern? I’d love to try it sometime.

Thanks! It’s Reid from – I think the recent spring issue. :smiley:

Beautiful!! :heart:

Beautiful colors!! And your work is perfect!! :inlove:

B-E-A-UTIFUL!! :inlove: :thumbsup:

Love the pattern!!! And I love the yarn colour too… makes me think of neopolitan ice cream! :thumbsup:

That is so pretty and I just love the colors. :XX:

Beautiful!! :inlove:

It’s very pretty! Love it in that yarn.


Wow, the colors in that are just beautiful. And such perfect even stitches too!

Great Job!!!