Regular size for a blanket?

i’m starting on my uncle’s long horn blanket hopefully tomorrow, but i dunno how big to make it! :wall: anyone know any like standard afghan sizes?

btw- how do you delete messages if you dont want them posted anymore? cus i just realized i posted this in the wrong area… and i dunno how to delete it lol :eyes:

A mod can move it if you request it, but I think you can delete your own messages.

As far as how big to make a blanket… how long is a piece of string?

You can make it to fit any size bed, you could make throw size which is anywhere between 40/45" x55/60" or you could make it square, 42x42, or just about any size you want.

kayy thanks. i was just wondering in case there was like a standard size that you could make them.

Nope, although if you check afghan patterns, they are more or less 42x58 but many are larger. Baby blankets are usually 30 or 36 inches square, but some are round, about that distance across.

Afghan pattern sizes as mentioned in previous post would also be my suggestion for a lap type blanket for your uncle.

My longhorn project had to get put on hold as I’m way behind in getting ready to go to my folks this week. I’m STILL sewing Dad’s BBQ apron that I put off doing till the last minute. Now I’m flipping out cause I’ve got me and kiddos to pack, make sure I’m taking all the extras along for the folks AND my knitting (for the roadtrip), do laundry, sew sew sew this stupid apron. WHY oh why do I procrastinate so? :wall: URG!

Oh well, I’ll be back to knitting in “full force” next week.