Reglan baby sweater

I have this really pretty baby yarn yarn bee from hobby lobby bulky weight and want to make my dd a sweater. I want it to be reglan style (b/c I dont want to have to sew on the sleeves) but I do NOT want to have buttons down the side I want a pullover sweater, any ideas or patterns y’all know of? please help me, I’ve searched all over and can’t find what I described above. tia

I made two of the Cashmerino Aran Raglan sweaters for my newphew for Christmas - the pattern is on KPC under baby clothes. The size is 6-9 mos. It was very simple. There is a little bit of sewing required - it was my first attempt at mattress stitch and if I can do it, anyone can! HTH

The pattern was written for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino - I used Patons Shetland Chunky on size 8 needles and it turned out great.

If you don’t mind buying patterns Knitting Pure and Simple has some great ones! Now that I’m saying this it looks like they are all for worsted weight yarn. Maybe for your next one you’ll want to check those out though.

if this yarn I bought didn’t have the #5 on it I would have thought it was ww…hum think i"d better swatch :wall:

I know the yarn you’re talking about. I would almost call that a sport weight or baby weight - it’s certainly not bulky. Swatching is definitely a good idea.

Here are a couple calcuation-based one you might be able to use after you get your swatch done! Scroll down in the second, the cardigan is first, and the pullover is last.

if this yarn I bought didn’t have the #5 on it I would have thought it was ww…hum think i"d better swatch :wall:[/quote]

Number 214 says it’s for heavy worsted which might work. Actually if it’s close any might be okay. You can probably just knit a smaller or larger size or adjust needle size. Kids don’t require a precise fit like adults so they are easier to deal with. :teehee: Swatching is ALWAYS a good idea though to make sure.

thank you, I remember someone saying they used the knittingfool one and it doesn’t take into effect the kids heads are SO much bigger than the rest of their bodies so she couldn’t get the sweater over her kids head. I’ll read more into the second link when I have more time. thanks again.