Regine is complete!

I love finding great patterns online and this one caught my eye when I was looking for a sweater that incorporated some lace. I shortened the sleeves to make them 3/4 length but other than that I stayed pretty true to the pattern. See more detailed photo and link to the pattern on my blog:

It looks wonderful! I love the color!

That is such a pretty sweater!! I might have to try that for my daughter someday when I’m a better seamer. :lol: :rollseyes:

Your sweater looks great! Doesn’t it feel good to complete a project. I jumped over to your blog and the Eliza caught my eye, but what went wrong. It looks like a fun tank, but I would love your input before I jump in. By the way I have had a hard time finding a tank to make. I have already ripped out 2.

:smiley: Love, love :thumbsup:

Woweee! Very nicely done! That color just makes me swoon.

WOW!!! great!

Oooh, that is beautiful! Nicely done! :inlove:

Oh my God, that’s gorgeous! My fiancee and I loooooove that color, you did a beautiful job! :heart:

I love it! It’s high up on my to-do list, in fact the Addis and Pink Diamond Cotton Fleece have been sitting in arm’s reach, but for over a month now. :frowning:

Yours turned out wonderfully!

very pretty!

Gorgeous!! Love the color & love the 3/4 sleeves! Adding this to my to do list now!! :cheering: :thumbsup:

Beautiful job! Even shortening the sleeves would be intimidating for me!

How pretty! Did you do something to make the neck line smaller than the pattern ? I like yours better than the picture in the pattern … or does it stretch out when you put it on??

OOOO thats a nice sweater!


Beautiful work! I love the lace!