Regia Sock wool

Has anyone ever used Regia sock wool before. It’s on sale at a store near me. The sample socks they have knitted up there with it look nice, but the yarn feels a bit scratchy to me. Does anyone know whether the scratchiness will go away after a washing?


I have two pair and they are two of my favorite socks! :slight_smile: They do soften with handling, wearing and washing.

I used some Regia to make wristwarmers or gauntlets; however, I haven’t machine laundered them yet. Since they were on my hands and not my feet I can only say they are a little itchy sometimes (especially when I first put them on) around the wrist. Though, you should consider who is going to where the item and how sensitive they are. The Regia I used was mixed 75% wool and 25% polyamide.

I use regia a lot for socks. It’s not the most luxurious yarn out there, but it’s pretty decent for the price and they have a huge variety of colors and patterns. I have not found it to be too itchy/scratchy.

Thanks for the quick responses!!! :heart:

I’ll be making the socks for my bf. Ironically enough, I’m more sensitive than anyone I would ever knit for, so I tend to make things for people in softer fibers than they might “need”. Scratchy yarn will get to my hands after a while, but I can always switch to another project in cotton or something soft, if it gets really bad. If the Regia lose a little of the scratchiness, I’m sure it’ll be fine for him.