Regia Pairfect Sock Yarn

Hello. I have just received one ball of Regia Pairfect sock yarn (9093). I knit my socks on a magic loop- two at a time, cuff down. Instructions say to pull yellow leader yarn from center of ball. If I cast on from center of ball & outside of ball at the same time - will the socks match? Or do I have to wind off until i reach the leader yarn and then wind it back the other way to end up with a matching pair ?
Hope that makes sense! Thankyou Julie

Welcome to KH!
The yarn is not identical if you pull from the center and outside. You would have to pull from the center and wind the yarn for the first sock. Then you could pull the first sock from the center of the ball you just wound and pull the second sock from the center of the original ball.

Thank you - I thought that might be the case, always good to have the confirmation. Thanks again. Julie.