reflective reversible crochet

I recently mastered this DELIGHTFUL skill (she said, modestly) through a youTube video of a young lady called SimplyDaisy. I’ve emailed her, without response; so you lot must suffer …

It’s not just double-sided crochet: it’s identically double-sided, but with colours reversed. Get it ? Of course you do: you are, unlike moi, not stupid.

OK: my question is, who knows where I can find more patterns, please ?

I have started holding my breath … [grin]

I’d need to see what you’re asking about. What video did you watch?

Got it from a youTube video by SimplyDaisy.
G’day: yer still Grumpy ???

No mean feat there! You have got this beautifully mastered. There’s double knitting but I’d never seen double crochet.
Here’s a few patterns:

And of course, a search of Ravelry finds a trove. (Why didn’t I just do that first!)

Here’s one video tutorial for others::

That last one is the SimplyDaisy one.
The baby blanket is the same pattern: I wonder if that’s where Daisy found it …?
The Darlisa Riggs one calls for fastening off the colours on each row ! Aaaargh !
I searched on Ravelry, GG - I shall now check out what you found.
MANY thanks for your research !!!

Very interesting. This is new to me. I have to try it.