Redbox DVD rentals

I was at Mickey D’s yesterday and saw a Redbox Kiosksitting outside of the building. Has anybody seen these or even tried them?

We don’t have them where I live, but my sister-n-law mentioned it once, and said she loves it.

I’ve used it, and its great! Its $1 a day and they have current movies. You have to use a credit or debit card though because you swipe it. You can keep it as long as you want and when you return it, your card is charges according to how many days you have it. Apparently you can also return it to any RedBox, although I’ve only returned them to the ones I’ve gotten them from. It sure beats the video store because you can get the same movies for much cheaper. The only think cheaper is probably one of those unlimited NetFlix memberships if you use it to ge a lot of movies.

I tried it once in my grocery store.

It irked me cause the movies I wanted were empty…so I went with one or 2 I wouldnt have picked first…

That and its too inconvient to drive 15 minutes back to town to drop it off.

Ill stay with my NetFlix.

I have NetFlix as well. I am keeping it. Right now I am watching a bunch of TV series. I am on the 2 unlimited plan. I was thinking of using it to get movies while using NetFlix. We have two video stores in town. I believe the both have to have the movies back by noon. And the new releases are close to $4.00 a day.