Red Heart Super Saver users

I know there are some out there that use Red Heart Super Saver, so I thought I would pass along this information. I don’t know how recent this update is, but still, worth posting I though. [COLOR=blue][U][B]Here[/B][/U][/COLOR] is the link where the update was located.

[B]Red Heart® Super Saver® - Important Product Update
[COLOR=black]Red Heart Super Saver’s[/COLOR] reputation for color consistent no-dye-lot solids was built over nearly 20 years, thanks in good part to a stable supply of pre-dyed acrylic fiber from two main fiber suppliers.

Since April 2005, Super Saver’s reputation for color consistency has been sorely tested by the unprecedented bankruptcies of five acrylic fiber suppliers, including our two main suppliers. These bankruptcies have caused issues for every acrylic yarn spinner in North America and the world.

To make it easier for consumers to find matching shades in colors 311 White, 313 Aran, 316 Soft White, 381 Light Blue, and 322 Pale Yellow we are adding a 4-digit code to the Super Saver label for these five colors only.

We recommend you match the 4-digit code (circled in red in the image provided) when selecting yarn for use in a project.

We invite you to visit our product section and explore our complete range of [COLOR=black]Red Heart Super Saver [/COLOR]colors, including solids, prints, multis and flecks!

That 4 digit number for dye lot has been added to some pinks as well.

There is an update from Red Heart about it, or was, but I can’t find it now.

The pink yarn my daughter just gave me yesterday has the 4 digit dye lot code on it.

thats interesting!

I had contacted Caron about some non-matching no dye lots a while back. They told me the same thing about the suppliers. They offered me free yarn, but since it was already knit up, it didn’t make sense to get more unmatched yarn. Now, I no longer trust no dye lots and match them under different lights before I knit.


I ran into this a couple of years ago. While there is no “dye lot”, there is a manufacturing date stamped on the sleeve. I ALWAYS match those up - to me, it’s basically the same thing as a dye lot. Oh yeah, the color I had trouble with was purple…so it covers more than they think it does.:wink:
When in doubt, look for a manufacturing date if nothing else.

Mine was Burgundy.
Not only color differences but thickness and shininess.
I also had it with Navy but that one had orange bands so I was able to separate the changes far enough that it wasn’t so noticeable.

I simply don’t make solids out of Red Heart SS any more. I look at “no dye lot” as meaning, you can’t match the colors so don’t try.
If I want a solid I go to a dye lot I can match.