Red Heart super saver and acrylic?

I have heard that red heart acrylic, though still not a good yarn and very scratchy, actually softens alot when washed. i want it for some small knitting projects and am short on cash, which is why i am skimping on the nice yarn. but the only thing they carry at my local hobby lobby is the super saver. is there any difference between the two? I figure no one has looked into this, but if you happen to know, i would appreciate the advice. :slight_smile:

Supersaver is generally the one people refer to. It’s a bit rougher and cheaper than their regular yarns like Essential, which is rougher than Soft. As long as you’re in Hobby Lobby, see if yours carries a new yarn called I Love This Yarn! It runs about $2 for a skein the size of Essential and is waaaayyyy softer. The only drawback is limited colors. I like the cranberry and eggplant though, and the darker blue isn’t bad.


That’s sooo funny that you mentioned I Love This Yarn! because in my search for the Red Heart I came across it and thought, “Hey, $2, why not try it?” So I bought some in the dark blue. The only reason I hesitated was because I didn’t know how it would wash. Thanks so much for the advice. :cheering:

I don’t use Red Heart anymore, but it does soften up when washed.

I haven’t used it myself, though I’m tempted. Except I’m already making sweaters in the two colors I really like…


I used it when I was learning, but won’t again. It’s still not soft enough after washing for me and I find it tends to make my hands sore. Depends on what you want to use it for though I guess.

There are lots of other good acyrlics that are really soft and not expensive. Here’s a few;

Caron Simply Soft comes in many colors and colorways.
Red Heart Soft
Bernat Softee line of yarns

My favorite of the cheaper acrylics is Caron Natura 1 pound. It is much softer than Red Heart, and is great for crochet afghans. That’s all I use acrylic for, anyway.

I wubbers my Red Heart crocheted blankets, though mostly because they’re a LOT warmer than any other blanket (except for my Norwegian Down Comforter) I’ve ever owned. :teehee:

I don’t see any problem with the red heart if you plan on washing it a few times before gifting or using it. I have a bunch of it from garage sales and such and plan on using it that way, they have way more variety of colors than I’ve found with others. Though my new love is Caron Simply Soft, only about 2$ a skein and the colors are nice and bright. And you can find it everywhere online, there are no dye lots to worry about either.

There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a preference some of us have.

I wouldnt use it if it made my hands sore, but i do really like the colors. I would go for the Caron SS, if your hobby lobby has it (most do). Its about the same price and its waay softer. I’m slowly converting my Red Heart Stash to it :teehee: . baby steps.

Hobby Lobby does carry the SS, but in the 3oz skeins so it’s a little more expensive. The larger 6 oz ones can be found at Walmart and are just over $2 each.


I had some of the Caron Super Soft and was making a Shrug, needed another skein, and finished it up in not very good lighting…
Then found a big ole stripe up the back. By this point I hated the pattern and the color and the whole idea of a Shrug. So I finished it up and gave it to my MIL.

The morale of this is that just 'cause it says no dye lot needed, doesn’t mean you don’t need to look closely.