Recycling please

I really like the idea of taking apart a sweater for the yarn so today I went to the thrift shop and bought a 100% cotton sleeveless sweater to try it out on. I was pretty excited because it was nice and soft and a lovely lilac color. I cut the seams (pain in the you-know-what) and started to undo it. HUGE PROBLEM! All the yarn is coming out in very short little strips. It is basically unusable There is no way I can knit with it that I can see :doh:

How can I avoid this because I really want to try again? I don’t think I cut the yarn when I cut the seams. What should I look for in a sweater? I tried to find something with a large gage so it would be easier to undo. I’m pretty discouraged.

Here is an article on what to look for.

Thanks Ingrid! I discovered the problem right away. The seams were serged which I didn’t notice or realize was a problem when I bought it. Now I can go back to the trift shop and know just what to look for…thanks!

I keep meaning to stop in to the thrift shop in town and look for sweaters (not that I need more yarn). It would be fun to find something luxurious for cheap. Good luck!

I’ve considered going to TJ Maxx, Marshals or Value City (discount places like that) because sometimes you can find some great deals on very nice clothes. May be even more likely go find good yarn in sweater form and it would be new so there wouldn’t be any stains or other problems.

I bought four cashmere sweaters off of ebay for $60 including the shipping. Four sweaters worth of cashmere yarn for $60 is a pretty good deal! It takes a little know how to make sure the sweaters will yeild usable yarn, but it can be done.

If you get the DIY Network through your cable or satellite TV service, they have a program called “Knitty Gritty”. Today’s episode (Friday, 31st) is on repurposing yarn. On my service it airs at 11:30 EST. From the webpage, it looks like they’ll be showing it a few more times this season.,2044,DIY_18180,00.html

Its a truth that you can get good deals at the thrift shop or at garage sales. Its also true that much of the time the best deals are pure luck and no certain thing. And it seems that you can never get what you wanted to get when you want it. But that that thing will come up for sale the minute you have decided you dont want it after all. Usually because you just spent full price for the same item.

I think thrift store bargins were a myth put on this earth by the shopping gods as a way to toy with we mere mortals. Naturally to promote the myth these shopping gods do allow the occassional “great deal”. But in all its a bit like puting coins into a slot machine - the pay off can be worth it, but its the guyb right behind you that will hit the jack pot. :rofling: